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В статье рассматриваются преимущества образования онлайн используя разные интернет технологии, приложения и сайты. Предложены некоторые сайты и приложения с кртаким описанием и способом их использования на уроках .
Ключевые слова: Internet, web-platforms, Google classroom, online education advantages of studying online.
The Internet gives us many opportunities. It is the most useful technology of modern time. It has a very important impact on education today. Teachers and students use the Internet every day to search and share information. It is impossible to imagine education without it nowadays.
However, the Internet is a double-edged sword since students can Google answers without really searching and remembering for themselves. There are many other negative impacts that the Internet has on the minds of young students. But there are many more advantages that outweigh the disadvantages.
The year 2020 has shown educators the hardships of working online. At the beginning of the pandemic teachers, students, parents and the ministry of education have come across all the imperfections, like unstable connection, the little knowledge teachers and students have of working online, and the unfamiliarity of internet ethics. This has changed fast of course.
Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan conducted many online webinars to help teachers and parents how to handle this situation. Such international companies like Google, Cambridge Assessment Tests, Oxford University Press have also provided many free online webinars to help teachers all over the world and introduced different teaching and assessing methods.
But the most important role in that situation was given to platforms like Google classroom, Microsoft Teams, Yandex School to provide tools to make education easy for everyone. In Kazakhstan teachers all over the country worked to make an online platform with lessons and exercises for students of state schools called Online-mektep. This was huge support for the teachers and students living in rural areas of the country. For the people who did not have a stable Internet connection, the Ministry of Education made video lessons that were shown on National TV, so students will not lack and have all the possibilities to learn.
 Teachers learned to have more involving lessons with their students and many students have become more open to discussion since they are not surrounded by other people so they can share opinions and not be shy or embarrassed about because they are in the comfort of their homes.
Students can now study at their speed and contact their teachers to ask for help and feedback on their works. Parents can see how their children to study, check on their well-being throughout the day and talk to their teachers even faster than before.
Digital Learning Platforms like YouTube, Nearpod, Socrative, Kahoot, the Smart Learning Suite have made the lessons more collaborative, fun, and enjoyable for students and teachers as well. [1] Now the teacher can show anything, any example, like 3D models of a skeleton in biology, videos on how to speak properly using vocabulary and grammar in English, films about any historical events in History and Literature, maps of other countries in Geography, etc.
Google Classroom helps with the organization of teachers' and students' academic work in one place. Teachers can conduct online lessons there, share the handouts for the lessons, assign assessment tasks, track students’ progress anywhere and anytime.
Kahoot is an app where everything is game-based. Every student loves this app because it’s competitive and fun. Teachers love it because it is very easy to check each student’s progress and revise any lesson with quizzes and other games.
Other games-based web app is Quizlet. There are many already prepared fun quizzes, vocabulary tasks, study reminders that both teachers and students love. 
Socrative is a web platform to conduct almost any type of assessment with the possibility of tracking students’ involvement in the lesson and their progress. Teachers can make quizzes, polls, multiple-choice tasks, and so on.
Nearpod helps teachers with everything, with planning, assessing, teaching, tracking the progress of the students and now it also can be used with Google Classroom. Another great advantage of this platform is that it has more than 8500 lessons and videos that teachers can use for free. [2]
Crash Course is another platform that helps in teaching History, Chemistry, Computer Science, Science, Literature, Biology, and many others. . It has videos about every topic on these subjects with a fun animation that teachers can use in explaining their subjects. [3]
Every day new platforms and apps appear that improve the state of education, making students more independent and help them to educate themselves. They have changed modern education for the better. Teachers nowadays not only teach and assess students, but also make them more competitive for their future in society because in the XXI century everything is done with the help of the Internet.
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